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STPHPLib is a suite of software components for developing object oriented Web-based applications. It uses PHP objects to encapsulate common GUI controls such as the check box, radio button, and tool bars, which are not necessarily present in HTML language, and allows them to be used to create sophisticated Web applications.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Nov 2002 08:24

    Release Notes: The rendering engine was rewritten, the management of the attributes of every component was revisited, and all of the destructors were implemented and now destroy all resources and child components. The library was checked for errors, many bugs were fixed, improvements were made, and documentation was added with phpDocumentator.

    •  03 Nov 2002 21:02

      Release Notes: This release adds STPHPPanel (with title), STPHPTabPanel, and STPHPTabTitle (a component for tabs of TabPanel). With these components, it is possible to implement tab pages. Localization support has been implemented; the localization engine is based on XML files and is available through STPHPLocale class. The engine uses STPHPXMLDoc and STPHPXMLElement classes to read the configuration files. The localization engine can be used also separately from STPHPLibrary.

      •  31 Oct 2002 21:48

        Release Notes: This release adds four new components (STPHPEdit, STPHPEditWithCaption, STPHPTextArea, and STPHPTextAreaWithCaption), bugfixes and code cleanups, and support for themes.

        •  23 Oct 2002 16:45

          Release Notes: Six components have been added: STPHPButton, STPHPBtnImage, STPHPRichButton, STPHPToolbar (with a flat option), STPHPImage, and STPHPImageWithCaption. The storing of component attributes in the XML file has been extended: you can list the attributes as tag attributes or as simple elements contained in the tag <attributes>. The component attributes are case insensitive.

          •  20 Oct 2002 19:11

            Release Notes: Many expensive features have been removed. Now the library is faster and smaller. The configuration mechanism through XML files is now faster and more elegant.

            Recent comments

            07 Jul 2003 00:41 ub

            Good but bad...
            Great idea, and not too hard to use....

            I just wonder why much of the code depends on a global $App and $Wnd, this makes it impossible to encapsulate code.

            This caused a problem for me since I wanted to add STPHP into an already exsisting Web Application framework, where all I needed was the return code from STPHP insted of letting $App &quot;draw&quot; my application;


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