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07 Feb 2011 15:24 theanti

Download links have been fixed.

16 Jul 2005 08:39 theanti

Trying to get a Mac port
I'm trying to start the development rolling again.

The code is a mess right now, due to two reasons:

1) Code is halfway ported to Mac OS

2) Udo left the development team (due to Mac port :( )

Giving Udo a Mac would probably solve the problem.

So that's what I'm trying to do:

26 Jun 2003 02:25 theanti

Changing webhost
We are moving the site from one host to another.
Until the switch has been completed you can access the up-to-date site at:

13 Apr 2002 23:16 theanti

Re: Not bad ...
[getting the code]

Maybe later, we are in the middle of a code cleanup to make the infrastructure usable for different kinds of games.

After that we might release the curling engine and/or the client.


Nobody of us ever pushed a real curling stone.
We started with a volleyball, moved to bowling, then I had the idea to use curling, since it's basically 2-dimensional.

But we'll include the knowledge we get from real life players if we can.

Shift-H is disabled in the version that's up on the side.

The competition entry (MekkaSymposium 2002) was limited to 32K, so we had to shave of a few bits ;)

SHIFT-N (for Next end) will accept an end.

We really hope to improve from this base.

But right now we're kind of busy with "work-that-pays-rent".

So don't hold your breath, this might take a month....

13 Apr 2002 19:50 tjwhaynes

Not bad ...
Any chance of seeing the source to this one? Or is it all in carefully crafted assembler?

This is a pretty nice game, although the rocks should really curl more when the spin is as small as possible - real curling rocks run fairly straight if you over-spin them.

Graphically its simple but quite effective. The controls take a little getting used to, but also work well. I can't work out how to get the Help to work (shift+H is unresponsive) and so 'accepting an end' is proving a puzzle.

Good stuff. I look forward to new versions (and the source! :-) )


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