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10 Feb 2009 23:21 dietcoke_48

I am updating the OLD review here: I have been using Stellarium-0.8.2 for awhile now, and I like it.

The 'display" is like a planetarium type program - So, real like skies, with fading to the ground (in daylight) NOTHING, like any other planetarium program, I've seen under --- WINDOWS or LINUX.

This is user friendly .. easy to learn program, too.

Stellarium-0.10.1 - your O/S (under linux), needs to be current (new libraries, etc) (Feb 2009) installed, first. check dependencies.

-or- get a copy of an older version... but, so many fixes you really need to get Stellarium-0.10.x and newer. (NO, I do not work as a developer for Stellarium)

I like this, better than XEphem in some ways. Xephem makes sky charts, and more. Another worth while program.

If you havent tried Stellarium, I highly recommend you should.

To the developers - GREAT JOB ! Thank you for your hard work and time spent.

To the rest of you folks, ENJOY

Have fun!

03 Apr 2004 03:16 gnorville

I just started messing around with this today and I must say

that I like it :) I'm still trying to figure out how time works in

the program but I've only used the program for an hour or

so. Renderings are really pretty and I enjoy slewing the

viewpoint around. I especially like the zoom feature

18 Jul 2002 07:34 Alioth

Unix Version update!
The unix version is now the same as the windows one, and there is an autoconf/automake script for the installation which has become easier.

16 Jul 2002 13:30 greenmoss

interesting project
might be even cooler if it were combined with celestia...

05 Feb 2002 14:00 midthune

Very impressive and lots of fun to play with!


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