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SteelBlue is an Open Source Web application server similar to Cold Fusion. It extends HTML with tags to execute SQL commands, perform type checking on user input, loop over sections of code, and manipulate data. In addition, it has a Perl-like scripting language that can be embedded directly into the HTML for complex data manipulation. SteelBlue runs as a CGI script on Linux, UNIX variants (via gcc 2.8), and Win32. It includes native support for most popular relational databases and the embedded scripting language is extensible though a C++ API. Included in the distribution are a book about programming SteelBlue, many examples, and a full bulletin board application.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Feb 2001 03:42

    Release Notes: SteelBlue is now released under the OSI-approved Artistic License. This release fixes bugs with Win32 dates before 1969 in the date Eval functions.

    •  05 Feb 2001 22:42

      Release Notes: New classes and object oriented capabilities to Eval language, new Draw and Graph classes to allow dynamic drawings and graphs, a new File class to allow easy access to server directories and files, reorganized source code into a better directory structure, and reorganized Makefiles for easier configuration.

      •  05 Oct 2000 15:00

        Release Notes: The COMMENT tag was added for comments not intended to show up in the HTML stream. A bug with NULL environment variables with getEnv() was fixed. The MaxUserDelete configuration parameter was added to distribute the responsibility of removing timed-out guest sessions.

        •  25 Sep 2000 12:33

          Release Notes: A CONTENTTYPE tag was added to the EMAIL command. The EMAIL tag, email in the error handler, execSteelBlue(), and execCmd() were enabled for WIN32. A bug in the random creation of guest usernames was fixed.

          •  13 Aug 2000 07:23

            Release Notes: A bug limiting the number of query parameters to 11 has been fixed. A bug causing steelblue to crash when executed on the command-line has been removed, and SET and CLICK in SBFORM now do variable interpretation properly.

            Recent comments

            27 Jun 2000 10:37 lurcher

            ODBC Support
            Don't know if its of any interest to anyone, but I have created a patch to make this work with ODBC on *nix. You can get it from here (


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