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Getting Started - Technology Overview

The STDNOJ classes are grouped together into standard a C++ namespace. We have compiled the project under:

Borland: VCL, CLX, and native 16 and 32 bit - C++Builder 4.x, 5, and 6
Microsoft: MFC, ATL, .NET, and native 32 bit - Visual Studio 6 and .NET
Others: Intel, DJGPP (16 bit), gcc (both command line and via tools like DEV-CPP), and a few more.

Because we do not use STL, universal stability is practically guaranteed. Specifically, this means that you do not have to worry about using compilers that have trouble with STL. We do use templates however, so your compiler should at least be able to support moderately complex template declarations (specifically, things like the stdnoj::Array&ltT, SZ&gt class).

The pressing need is for a few more platform independent test cases. While we have many, many test procedures, the list is not yet as compressive as we would like it to be.

... We would also love to see someone beat us to our plans to port the namespace to OSX on the 'Mac. Because the stdnoj namespace draws heavily upon the Standard C Library, the port should be relatively painless.

Finally, while our POP, RFC822, and NNTP support is legendary, we still need support for IMAP.


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