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Statist is a statistics program with an interactive menu that makes it very easy to use. It can also be run in scripts, and large data sets are handled reasonably well even on small machines. In spite of its low overhead, it can do quite a few regression functions and tests. It can produce colorized output, and uses gnuplot to create graphics.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Dec 2006 03:39

    Release Notes: Statist now can open CSV files. It will try to discover whether the file has a header with column names, what the field separator is, and what the decimal separator is. If necessary, these parameters may be set using command line options. Gnuplot graphics now can have strings with letters of different alphabets if the environment charset is UTF-8 and the user chooses UTF-8 as the "gnuplot_charset" in the statistrc file. The menu item "Save last gnuplot graphic as png" was added.

    •  13 Jan 2006 23:30

      Release Notes: A bug has been fixed in u-test. Rows with missing values were being deleted. This bug was introduced in version 1.3.0 (August 2005). A segmentation fault when the first column is marked as a column to be ignored (prefix "$" in the column name) has been fixed. All strings from the Italian catalog have been revised, and the new ones translated. An incompatible pointer type when compiling on AMD-64 has been fixed.

      •  12 Dec 2005 04:33

        Release Notes: Colorized output. The colors are optional and customizable. A directory "examples" with some data files has been added. Graphics labels no longer include the string "STATIST: ". Instead, users can easily add their own (optional) string. Almost all fatal errors were converted into normal errors while statist is running interactively. Commands sent to gnuplot are saved, and are listed when the user chooses "Enter gnuplot commands". When answering a question of the kind "y/N", if the user press "Enter", it will be assumed that the answer is "No".

        •  06 Nov 2005 15:14

          Release Notes: The user no longer has to tell statist how many columns will be chosen. This new behavior might break most scripts written for previous versions of statist. If you are running statist under scripts, you should either adapt your scripts or not upgrade to version 1.3.1. Statist can deal with value labels and column titles: with the --labels option, statist reads column and value labels from a file. The 60 columns limit was eliminated. The "Preferences" menu item was added, so you can customize some features while statist is running and save your new preferences in the ~/.statistrc file.

          •  27 Aug 2005 09:45

            Release Notes: This release added internationalization support with translations to German, Italian, Portugese, and Spanish. A new user manual was added and new options for drawing samples and dealing with missing values were added.


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