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Stash is a package manager for non-root users. It makes it easier for you to install, track, and maintain packages and modules in your home directory. It does this by detecting the type of package or module you are installing and passing all the correct command line arguments to the relevant configure scripts and/or makefiles. It is extensible via custom packages, and tracks both architecture dependent and independent packages in separate directories so that they can be shared across systems. Package tracking uses symlinks in a manner similar to GNU stow. It supports autoconf, Perl and Python modules, imake (xmkmf), PMK, and many custom packages.


Recent releases

  •  20 Sep 2004 03:02

    Release Notes: This release can handle perl Bundles. A new XercesC package has been added.

    •  25 Mar 2004 21:29

      Release Notes: Many bugs relating to portability have been fixed. A first crack at a GCC package is also included.

      •  16 Mar 2004 01:21

        Release Notes: This release properly handles packages that use libtool to build and install libraries. Use of the -D option to handle those packages should no longer be required. There are other minor bugfixes.

        •  10 Mar 2004 10:49

          Release Notes: The InstallBox now includes a custom 'install' command to increase portability. Several other bugs that affected portability have been addressed.

          •  03 Mar 2004 03:47

            Release Notes: Package installs are now trapped by the new InstallBox. Rather than intercept libc calls, the InstallBox intercepts command calls by being first in the path. This allows even more broken packages to be installed. There were also several other minor bugfixes including an update to how the Perl modules are configured and installed. This version should now be able to handle all but the meanest Makefile.PLs.


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