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11 Jul 2008 07:16 am0lch1khale

Not able to download Star
Hi , I cant download Star from the berlios download ite . Does any mirror exist?



03 Oct 2007 13:37 nedunk

Re: Data corruption
... and how star handles (compressed) archives? First compress and then archive or first archive and then compress?

03 Oct 2007 12:45 nedunk

Data corruption
Hi Jörg,

whats up with data corruption? Afio can compress/encrypt each file and creates then the archive, so if some parts of the archive are broken you can nevertheless restore rest of this archive. The normal tar.gz tar.bz2 are not so failure tolerant because first is made the tar archive and then it will be compressed. So what's up with star and data corruption? Would the whole archive be broken?

08 Apr 2006 07:27 schily

Re: star cygwin binaries, compile errors
You need to comment out the broken getline definitions in the Cygwin include files and
to send a bug report to the Cygwin people.

Cygwin ignores POSIX rules by polluting the name space and introducing incompatible interfaces for names that have been in public use for more than 20 years.

08 Apr 2006 06:21 gildenman

star cygwin binaries, compile errors
Where can I find cygwin binaries of star? I'm having problems compiling it under the latest cygwin.

The error is conflicting types for getline in stdio.h & include/schilly.h.

This also happens in smake, but commenting out the getline definition in include/schilly.h allows that to compile. That solution doesn't work for star tho.

Any ideas?

27 Jan 2006 05:43 schily

Re: Direct IO with Star

> Are you planning to add support for

> direct IOs to s tar ?

I am not sure what you mean...

If this is related to the proproetary

O_DIRECT on Linux, you should know that it

makes file I/O 30% slower than star currently is.

13 Sep 2005 08:15 FabriceL

Direct IO with Star
Are you planning to add support for direct IOs to s tar ?

06 Oct 2004 08:36 schily

Re: GNU tar and S tar...
Why do you believe you need GNU tar?
If sytem utilities call the program with

the name "tar" (instead of using "gtar")
and depend on GNU tar specific behavior,

they are broken and should be fixed.

On the other side, star is faster than GNU tar,
wo why would you prefer GNU tar anyway?

The star package includes a "gnutar" program
that is based on star and implements

any feature
of GNU tar that is not broken.

If you like to replace GNU tar by star, either
rename "gnutar" to "gtar" or compile a

"FAT" star
binary and create a link "gtar" to the FAT star

Note that GNU tar has many deviations from UNIX tar
and that star (or FAT star)

the official TAR behavior
when called as "tar".
If the "gnutar" (non FAT)

binary from star is called "tar" is behaves like GNU tar.

01 Oct 2004 03:57 MihailKalugin

GNU tar and S tar...
I am using gnu tar for system tasks (like package creation on my Slackware box) and star for tarballs. But it is small problem: I need both. First because system utilities depends on it and second because it is fast... Hm, i like star, way it is not mater to use it? And i see some ways: manually adapt system utilities, ask team to adapt them, or add some kind of "proxy" to s tar, something that can operate and identify yourself like gnutar but use star for actual operations. Of couse last one is not a great deal but it may help to use only s tar (not both s tar/gnu tar) on common GNU/Linux...

P.S. I am sorry if you find my english ugly...

01 Jul 2004 06:43 gryzman

Re: How is it compared to tar?

> ...

> I should mention, that LSB did correct

> itself and

> followed the SUSv2 standard.

> Star is now far more LSB compliant than

> GNU tar.

> It did not help....

Great work, really. But perhaps you should let more ppl

know that there is tool like that ?

Maybe yyou should start talking to FSF about it. Their

tools are ancient history. Including the fact that there

is no lib/frontend division. Which in case of cpio, tar,

and others would really help.

Btw, does star support sorting by name? extensions ?

this would improve gzip/bzip compression ! why noone

did that yet in GNU world?


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