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Stantor Micro Central Home automation

Stantor Micro Central Home automation is a home automation package for use with Arduino Mega 2560 boards. It includes a program to be installed in the electronic board and Web pages written in HTML and Javascript to be copied to a micro-computer, tablet, or smartphone. It uses the Websocket protocol with the client browsers. It manages the analog and digital inputs/outputs (e.g., temperature sensors, power relays, microswitches, dimmer, etc.). It has specific functions for managing electric power. It allows load-shedding and re-ballasting several areas depending on instantaneous power consumption and cutting energy during peak consumption. It displays different counters for consumption and production (photovoltaic, wind, etc.).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jan 2014 17:13

    Release Notes: This release adds new Stantor software for the BeagleBone Black board. It uses the Linux Angstrom embedded operating system. The application Stantor_BBB manages the acquisition of a video stream from a Webcam connected with USB to a BBB board (with adjustable frequency display on the webpage), the digital inputs, the digital outputs, the analog inputs, the PWM output (pulse width modulation), the Counters on Interruption of events, and the automatic email sending on events like alarms.

    •  22 Nov 2013 16:43

      Release Notes: A third zone was added: "fil pilote". The ability to configure electric meter production was added. An example of image display in place of text on Web pages managed by WebSockets was added. There were also minor fixes.


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