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Stamp is a command-line program which will process a color or grayscale jpeg image, such as one produced by a Quickcam. It can add a graphical (and configurable) timestamp to the image. Stamp can also upload the timestamped image via FTP, with the configuration of a stamprc file. Stamp is bundled with gstamp, which is a GTK version of Stamp.


Recent releases

  •  11 Mar 1999 05:11

    Release Notes: Fixed an annoying bug where gstamp would die if you would stamp an image, and then immediately save the rcfile.

    •  07 Mar 1999 05:30

      Release Notes: Bug fixes and added many features to GTK frontend which has been renamed to gstamp. Please delete your old gstmpcfg executable.

      •  04 Mar 1999 13:30

        Release Notes: Extensive changes. stamp is now bundled with gstmpcfg, a GTK+ application for configuring stamp.

        •  11 Feb 1999 19:49

          Release Notes: Choose back/foreground colors for text areas, use different fonts for top/bottom text area, specify shading rate for text areas and bugfixes.

          •  09 Feb 1999 13:36

            Release Notes: A lot of bugfixes, new 3-D lettering option, smaller fonts such as 8x8.fnt from the fontpack now scrunch out of the way so less of the image is overlapped with shading / text.


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