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sTaLMP3Box is a complete control program for a stand-alone MP3 player jukebox computer running under Linux, which uses a HD44780-compatible LCD display connected to the parallel port instead of a monitor. Its main function is playing MP3s and/or Ogg Vorbis files. It features a playlist with full edition functions, has a integrated file manager to manage your songs, shows ID3 info and Ogg Vorbis info, disc statistics, mounts CD-ROMs, resuming, it has almost everything you need for building your own jukebox. On its Web site there are complete building instructions for the hardware part of the project and installation instructions for the software part.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Oct 2003 03:22

    Release Notes: A Random Play Mode was added to play songs randomly without repetitions. M3U playlists (WINAMP/XMMS) can now be imported. The scrolling display while playing has been improved and now scrolls faster. The command key recognition while playing has been improved. A whole bunch of bugs related to QUIET MODE while playing have been fixed. All bugs and issues related to executing functions while playing, which automatically set QUIET MODE before, were fixed. The bug with the wrong Scroll Position in playlist after playing and QUIET MODE was fixed.

    •  01 May 2003 23:10

      Release Notes: This release adds a Keymap file, which allows you to change the mapping of the control keys. In the case of songs with no ID3 or Vorbis tag, and with underscores in the filename instead of spaces, the underscores are removed and substituted by spaces, which looks much nicer, and is what Winamp and XMMS do. A few nasty bugs have been fixed, including the problem with the random crash after "select all" in the playlist. There are other minor improvements and code cleanups.

      •  31 Dec 2002 14:22

        Release Notes: Ogg Vorbis support was added. A function was added to auto-mount a CD when trying to play a file that is on an unmounted CD. Some important improvements were made in the way mpg123 and ogg123 are handled. Three new settings were added to the config file regarding Ogg Vorbis and MP3 support. A few smaller bugs were fixed.

        •  24 Dec 2002 01:24

          Release Notes: This release includes an emergency break key (0), which will kill all subprocesses to help with blocking on CD read errors, non-blocking calls for all the AddWholeCD routines, and a few stability and other general bugfixes.

          •  22 Dec 2002 02:03

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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