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SpiralSynth Modular (or SSM) is an object orientated modular softsynth / sequencer / sampler. Audio or control data can be freely passed between the plugins, and is all treated the same. Data can also be fed back on itself for chaotic effects. LADSPA plugins are supported, and you can use them in the same way as any of the native plugins. Not having MIDI won't restrict what you can do. It currently uses the standard OSS/Free sound input/output (/dev/dsp), and should work on ALSA too. You can also render WAV files directly to disk.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Mar 2004 20:12

    Release Notes: New GUI work and an improved LADSPA plugin. This release uses libsndfile and outputs 16, 24, or 32 bit floats. It has ALSA MIDI support and many fixes and features.

    •  08 Mar 2003 14:35

      Release Notes: This release adds 16 plugins, a new GUI, preliminary OSX support, and loads of fixes.

      •  02 Jan 2003 02:44

        Release Notes: This release adds a new JackPlugin, a much-improved LADSPA plugin (with a built-in GUI generator), built-in helptext, and numerous fixes, additions, and GUI improvements. The audio engine has been rewritten to be multithreaded; SCHED_FIFO mode is supported.

        •  19 Oct 2002 01:09

          Release Notes: New LFO and Meter plugins, configure and GCC3 fixes, GUI changes, a more versatile Matrix sequencer, and various plugin fixes.

          •  12 Jun 2002 13:50

            Release Notes: The GUI has been renovated. The main application window has now become the editor window, and a new window for plugin dialogs was added. Node execution order is now graph sorted to remove internal latency. A new load/save system was implemented for external files like samples. Two new plugins were added: a DistributorPlugin for polyphony and a JoystickPlugin.


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