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12 Aug 2009 10:53 pdontthink

@greyhairweenie - sounds like you might have another client accessing your mailbox at the same time doing the filtering. If it is SquirrelMail doing that, you'll need to find the filtering rule that tells it to move some messages to the Junk folder. SquirrelMail doesn't do that by itself - you have to tell it to. You might want to contact your system administrator for more help - this isn't a help forum.

19 May 2009 02:07 greyhairweenie

squirrelmail-1.4.18-1 keeps moving all my unread messages to "Junk". I can move them back to Inbox, and my filters execute and put the filtered ones into the appropriate folders, then a little while later they all are back in "Junk". ?????

12 May 2009 07:06 pdontthink

@sirmafia -- SquirrelMail has a plugin that can interface with most quota systems. However, keep in mind that it's your responsibility to build a quota system into your mail server first -- SquirrelMail is only a mail *client* and does *not* manage user mailboxe. It will interface with your system and report the quota information in the webmail interface if configured correctly. See:

12 May 2009 07:03 pdontthink

@rjrsousa -- SquirrelMail is an IMAP client, and IMAP servers can have all kinds of email account systems behind them. The beauty of SquirrelMail is that it works with ANY such system, but that's also why it can't create accounts out of the box. It'd have to know the gritty details of how the email accounts are implemented on your particular system. There are in fact some SquirrelMail plugins that allow you to create accounts on your server, but of course they only work on some systems. For more details, please see:

21 Nov 2006 13:10 rjrsousa

Users can create accounts.
Hi, Iam portuguese and I like SquirreMail. Its a simple use service with an worderfull power. The interface is very afrodable.


Why users cant create accounts? Is any plugin that can possibility this?????

I want to create a portal where my guests can create theire email accounts but with the squirremail I can read and send mail but not create remotly accounts. I have to create them myself. The portal have a lot of visits and i can't create all accounts.

can you help me?


Ricardo Sousa

14 Jul 2005 04:58 kinkhorst


> Do you know if both work with Lynx ?

I've used SquirrelMail with Lynx and it works fairly well.

30 Mar 2005 03:42 avl

Re: creating users?

> i have installed squirrelmail..but how

> do i create/manage user accounts???

As squirrelmail uses imap server for authorization, you have to create imap accounts. It depends on imap server you use, but many imap servers use plain system accounts. So, see man useradd.

01 Jul 2003 09:01 sirmafia

mail quota???
i need some information about quota management in squirel without system quota configuration.

05 May 2003 23:15 eMgE

Is it Possible?
I have webhosting through phpwebhosting and i believe they meet all of the requirements to run squirrelmail. Does anyone know if its possible to setup squirrelmail in a directory of my hosting space? I'm kinda new to this stuff and i've been trying to go through the install instructions but, im having some trouble.

03 May 2003 16:28 mar00n

How about adding links to local files w/ ACL - like a quasi-portal. Other webmails have done it.


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