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13 Sep 2010 18:15 imipak

I started using squid shortly after the Harvest search engine/cache project broke up. The configuration is getting heavier than it need be but frankly that's the only fault I can find in it. Given I've been hammering at it for over a decade, that I've only one minor nitpick with it shows how impressed I've been. It is an excellent project.

15 Jun 2009 08:54 piju

i have post how to cache youtube video using squid2.7
visit and search squid for more info
leave a comment about your squid performance.

16 Mar 2006 06:30 zerbey

Great software!
We have been using Squid for 5 years as a transparent proxy, it regularly saves us about 10-25% of bandwidth. It's also a quick and easy solution to stop those pesky users who insist on using IE!

25 Feb 2003 03:22 lloydp

Here at work we run squid as a transparent proxy, caching everything but .html cgi php asp etc etc etc - we notice a huge increase in speed.

With the introduction of NTDS authentication, squid far out ranks any other proxy server.

We run squid on a P3-800 with 2gb of ram - We don't bother caching to disk just directly to memory. Makes for super fast browsing and around 10% saved bandwidth.

If you decide to use this i would recommend looking at something called SquidGuard. These two combined produce a fantastic open source service.

08 Feb 2000 15:04 chouser

you want this
If you use a web browser, you want this. Its cacheing is noticably better than Netscape's. It seems to do a good job of continuing downloads that were interrupted.

20 May 1999 08:16 kapella

We've been using Squid in a computer lab environment (3 labs
actually, all going through the same proxy server). We
generally see about 10-15% bandwidth savings, but a 3 to 4x
speed improvement between hits and misses.


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