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SqueakGtk is an attempt to port the Gtk+ GUI to Smalltalk Squeak.


Recent releases

  •  24 Aug 2006 21:35

    Release Notes: Many enhancements, such as new widgets and GTK+ 2.10 support. Signal handling has been refactored and cleaned up. Object finalization for freeing unused memory has been added. Basic libglade support has been added. Tools such as GtkInspector have been improved. Nearly all GTK demos have been completed.

    •  10 Aug 2006 02:10

      Release Notes: This version added callback function support, basic drag and drop support, and enhancements to text widget, icon view, and so on. Several important fixes were made.

      •  31 Jul 2006 04:37

        Release Notes: Basic GdkCursor, GdkKeymap, and GdkKeymapKey were added. New functions were added to GdkEventMotion, GdkEventButton, and GdkWindow. GObject caching was generalized. Basic GtkDemoHypertext was added.

        •  11 Jul 2006 17:49

          Release Notes: Various Gdk and Pango support has been added. Demos have been improved and new ones added, most of all graphics. Many API functions are covered.

          •  06 Jul 2006 04:45

            Release Notes: Basic GdkDrawable and GdkWindow were added. GEnumClass and GFlagsClass issues were fixed. GFlagsClass>>nicksFromValue: was added. GSList was improved. The GtkCellLayout and GtkTreeViewColumn APIs were covered. GtkToolButton, GtkAlignment, and GtkCellRendererPixbuf were added. GtkStockItem was added with convenient class methods. GtkDemoStockIds (Stock Item and Icon Browser) was added.


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