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SQLite is a small, fast, embeddable SQL database engine that supports most of SQL92, including transactions with atomic commit and rollback, subqueries, compound queries, triggers, and views. A complete database is stored in a single cross-platform disk file. The native C/C++ API is simple and easy to use. Bindings for other languages are also available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Oct 2010 15:38

    Release Notes: This release adds the sqlite3_create_function_v2() interface, which includes a destructor callback. It adds support for custom r-tree queries using application-supplied callback routines to define the boundary of the query region. The default page cache strives more diligently to avoid using memory beyond what is allocated to it by SQLITE_CONFIG_PAGECACHE. Or if using page cache is allocating from the heap, it strives to avoid going over the sqlite3_soft_heap_limit64(), even if SQLITE_ENABLE_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT is not set.

    •  17 Apr 2009 07:29

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused a segfault when running a count(*) on the sqlite_master table of an empty database, a bug that caused a segfault when inserting into a table using a DEFAULT value when there was a function as part of the DEFAULT value expression, data structure alignment issues on Sparc, and other minor problems.

      •  29 Jan 2009 17:30

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        •  10 Jan 2007 20:12

          Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that could cause database corruption when a multi-processor system attempted to rollback an incomplete transaction following a system crash. It also fixes various other less severe bugs and enhances the query optimizer.

          •  17 Feb 2006 11:09

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            31 Dec 2008 14:45 lakshmipathi

            Need older versions
            Can please let me know the link from which i can load the first version of sqlite? ( sqlite 0.1 ?)



            17 Dec 2003 21:30 cduffy

            Hard to say too much good about this...
            It's small, fast and very low footprint, the Python bindings are excellent... I'm really exceedingly pleased with SQLite. Since converting cscvs (a project I maintain) to use it, performance and space efficiency have vastly improved over previous versions, and the ease-of-use (and ease-of-setup) perspective makes it tremendously more appropriate for embedded use in a tool of this sort than depending on a full-fledged out-of-process database server.

            In short: Try it. You'll like it.


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