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SQL Load Balancer

The SQLB (SQL Load Balancer) project is used to improve SQL requests to a database. It provides programs that have permanent connections to a DB, a program that checks the integrity of transactions, and a library to link with programs that need to make SQL queries. SQLB supports Oracle8i, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2003 15:22

    Release Notes: The database detection was improved with more options in configure script. A problem which occurred when using --prefix to install sqlb elsewhere than in the default /usr/local was fixed.

    •  11 Dec 2002 17:20

      Release Notes: The query log now displays the correct execution time. When an SQL query returns an error, the error message is now displayed in the error log. The "sqlb start" command is now more reliable and always runs sqlb as the "sqlb" user, even when launched by root. An init script has been added to the package. The configure script now correctly detects MySQL and readline. Now you can define the number of database connection you want per connection pool. The licencing policy have been clarified. The code was updated to support latest version of libsqlora.

      •  17 Apr 2002 07:51

        Release Notes: Fixed the bug in the client library that caused weird behavior in the Perl module.

        •  06 Jan 2002 04:57

          Release Notes: MySQL insert queries now return auto_increment values when used. A timeout problem in Oracle caused by a problem with bound variables was fixed.

          •  17 Jul 2001 10:48

            Release Notes: Fixed a bug that sent bad results for queries with resultset size greater than 93Ko. Added a shell script that allows you to refresh all the db connection of sqlbqueries manually, called Some other bug fixes made.

            Recent comments

            18 Jun 2001 12:42 unixman

            Perhaps this one would be good...
            Perhaps this one would be good for Freshmeat ][ to use... ;-)


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