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23 Jan 2000 12:25 fejj

Re: 0.5.12 warning
thanks for the bug report, just fixed it
what was happening was I had forgotten to put a n after each message, and thus messages were becomming jumbled together
0.5.13 will no longer have this problem, in fact I just commit'd the fix to cvs


17 Jan 2000 14:30 bcorsello

0.5.12 warning
Using ver. 0.5.12, while trying to delete a message in my local mail spool, Spruce coredumped on me and I lost data from the mail spool. You have been warned...

16 Jan 2000 03:33 mishan

Source RPM
Hey dude, how about a Source RPM ?? =)

16 Dec 1999 20:46 markearnes

Someone please mirror this. The program itself is great, the server has to be the most unreliable POS I've tried to download from.

25 Oct 1999 07:23 compwiz

New additions without a place to d/l them?
Why would they announce new versions if the page obviously hasn't been accessible for months?

25 Jul 1999 00:38 zeorymer doesn't resolve
due to the fact that nameservers are being moved around, you may notice that hasn't been resolving lately (July 1999).
If you want, you can enter this in your browser: (


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