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18 May 2000 02:54 bruj0

Version system change
The previous version system was bad, the number were too high
so i decided to change to 1.xx for stable xx beeing the current
release number, and 2.xx for devel

08 Dec 1999 02:59 bruj0

Forgot Pixmaps
Err.. i forgot to put the "pixmaps" directory in the last development version, it is fixed in the tar on the home page, sorry.

06 Dec 1999 22:55 bruj0

Stupic Typo
Version 1.9.1 had a typo that make it dificult to compile, so the tar.gz in the home page is fixed now, along with the development version, if i get enough emails asking to implement a regular expresion kind of search in the files it will be done, and also please send bug reports.


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Project Spotlight


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