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spmfilter is a mail filtering framework. It attempts to be a general filtering framework for any purpose. The API enables spmfilter plugins to access messages as they are being processed by the MTA. This allows them to examine and modify message content and meta-information during the SMTP transaction. Plugins are loaded at runtime and can be processed in any sequence. The processing chain can also be altered by a single plugin, for example if the plugin has to stop further processing.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 May 2010 09:37

    Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. As a new feature, validation for sender and recipient addresses was added, according to RFC 2822.

    •  27 Apr 2010 12:07

      Release Notes: A new session field was added, which enables plugins to define their own SMTP response messages. The maximum log message length was increased. Several bugs in plugin handling were fixed. A bug with multiple freeing of filepointers was fixed. A bug in which defined SMTP response messages were not displayed was fixed. Some issues with return code handling were fixed.

      •  02 Apr 2010 09:55

        Release Notes: GNU Autotools was replaced with the Cmake build system. A generic database interface was added, providing transparent connection to multiple database systems with connection pooling, failover, and load balancing functions. Spmfilter supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, BerkeleyDB, and LDAP as database backends. Plugin tracking was added. By the use of state files, spmfilter is able to track the current plugin processing status. In short, plugins which have already been executed won't be re-processed in case of an error. TLS support was added. New convenience functions for plugin developers were added.


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