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SplitFire is a very complete IRC script for EPIC4. It features tab-completion of Nicknames, Channels and Notify list. Configuration and Auto-OP lists are menu-based. SplitFire also contains configurable statusbar colors and several color schemes. Script is also a DICT dictionary client and can access altavista's babelfish.


Recent releases

  •  06 Jun 2000 17:48

    Release Notes: A more powerful Op List control, A timer argument for /ZAP, use of /ACRO to translate a small word to a techie acronym, automatic DCC resume, fixes for all known /OPCONF and /SCHEMECONF problems, a rewritten DCC list, and several other things.

    •  06 Jan 2000 13:18

      Release Notes: This release adds an important fix for a possible channel security issue in Auto-Op. Also, auto unaway is now configurable, /TOPIC warns the user if her topic is about to be cut short, /SETs, /ASSIGNs, and $variables are now tab-completable (a second TAB-press will also type out the variable's value). /ZAP, /BAN, /BK, and Auto-op checking have been rewritten, and a few small bugs have been fixed.

      •  30 Dec 1999 18:30

        Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, /SOUND support, a new CTCP FLOOD window for uncluttering/logging during IRC floods, and the script now finally sets the user auto unaway when text is typed.

        •  08 Nov 1999 19:13

          Release Notes: Bugfixes, and a re-enabled Babelfish translator.

          •  05 Oct 1999 21:14

            Release Notes: Loads of bugs fixed, new clone scanner, new CTCP reply buffering, script is now very picky about which CTCP PINGs are valid and which are bogus, rewrite of TAB completion system to handle spaces and quoted words.

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            20 May 1999 03:33 baum2000


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