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speechd implements a /dev/speech device using either the Festival or rsynth speech synthesis packages. All plaintext written to this device will be spoken aloud (or optionally output as morse code if you are using the "morse" program as the underlying driver). Certain programs have been modified to make use of this device, including an ircII script called speech.irc, a Slashdot ticker called slashes and a package for TiK. All of these modified packages are available on the homepage.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Nov 1999 01:12

    Release Notes: A fix for a minor bug in the install script.

    •  31 Aug 1999 22:50

      Release Notes: Unbroke catspeech, which is needed by speech.irc. Also prints number of configured string substitutions on startup.

      •  11 Aug 1999 18:34

        Release Notes: Cleaned up layout of code, improved rsynth I/O, append to logfile instead of overwrite, convert "_" to " ", strip single quote, write PID to /var/run, man pages, Makefile that does install/uninstall/build.

        •  08 Aug 1999 16:28

          Release Notes: Added config files. (hopefully) Fixed dropped lines bug. Support for esd. Runs more like a daemon. Improved I/O. Logs. String substitution (replaces "31337" w/ "eleet" before speaking, and 220 other substitutions from ircspeak by Gareth Watts). Misc. minor bug fixes.

          •  04 Aug 1999 21:09

            Release Notes: Initial public release.


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            Project Spotlight

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