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2D Spatialization of Sound

This is a port of a recently announced 2D sound spatialization library to Linux/X11 platform. The resulting binary acts as a sound "filter" between a 44.1khz mono source and outputs 44.1khz stereo spatialized sound. The UI uses low-level Xlib calls and does not require any GUI toolkit. Examples are provided to play MP3 files through this filter controlling the sound source position.


Recent releases

  •  02 Sep 2000 01:51

    Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

    Recent comments

    05 Sep 2000 08:46 cmacd

    Bear in mind
    I am glad to see this port, but you should bear in mind that just changing the sampling rate without changing the filters will not give you the real 2d effect.This package had the sample rate changed to 44k but the filters are still the ones for 11025 bps samples, thus the HRTF will be for a head about 2 inches in diameter, probaly not the desired effect. The package should work right if you change the sample rate back to 11025 bps, or you could use the Filter Calculation utility from Karen's
    original package to calculate new filters for the sample rate you wish to use.


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