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29 Jul 2003 04:43 toniw

CVS available

I added into's CVS.

If you want some feature and don't dare to ask me to do it, feel free to send your patches against CVS version. Thanks!

16 Jan 2003 01:23 toniw

Re: Excellent!

> I just run it as a cronjob
> every hour!

I suggest running it manually for some time before running it blindly from command line. :)

15 Jan 2003 14:22 ken195

I like this! I found it just about the time I was trying to write my own script to do this using lynx. (Would have had to press a key in mutt or sylpheed to make it work), but I'm so glad I could find this. I just run it as a cronjob every hour!

17 Dec 2002 08:49 toniw

Just a reminder; remember to rate this software if you use it! :)

- Toni


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