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Soxer is a Web publishing tool intended for the lazy programmer and designer. It allows the creation and maintenance of document driven Web sites, such as corporate sites, blogs, and project sites, and is also extremely useful for creating mockups for database driven applications. It forms a very thin layer above Sinatra to deliver data from a set of YAML files rather than a database.


Recent releases

  •  23 May 2011 04:47

    Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed. This version introduces a new, major feature: static site creation.

    •  30 Apr 2011 21:47

      Release Notes: This version of Soxer is compatible with Sinatra 1.2.3. It feaures some code cleanup and proper modular Sinatra application scoping.

      •  22 Mar 2011 06:24

        Release Notes: Some inconsistencies in the code and incompatibilities with Ruby 1.9.2 were fixed. A blog project skeleton was added, and some major changes were made in project skeleton handling.

        •  03 Mar 2011 21:05

          Release Notes: Some cleanups and code documentation fixes. A major addition is a hashie type access of document properties that makes Ruby inside HAML cleaner and gives datamapper-like access to documents. A stable version is quickly approaching.

          •  28 Nov 2010 20:17

            Release Notes: This version includes completely rewritten documentation, may bugfixes and additional methods for breadcrumb creation, a standardized atom feed generator, and more.


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