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23 Apr 2003 19:02 waveletboy

Re: Brcket Match Problem
Thank you!!!
The problem is solved by using the patch.

22 Apr 2003 15:59 momomoofthejungle

Re: Brcket Match Problem
This problem now entered as bug 711358 in the
sourceforge bug tracker. There is a patch
in the bug report that you could test out.
The patch will likely be included in the
next release.

11 Apr 2003 20:19 waveletboy

Re: Brcket Match Problem
I am sorry but I don't know the tcl/tk program. Would you please tell me which source file contains the bracket match function. Maybe I can analysis the problem via diff tool. Thanks. :-)

10 Apr 2003 12:41 momomoofthejungle

Re: Brcket Match Problem
So waveletboy, why don't you fix the problem?
You have all the source code available and it is
likely this bracket bug you mention is just a
small error that happened during the 4.X
to 5.X transition.

It should not take more than a half an hour
to find, fix, and submit a patch to the
sourcenav-patch mailing list for this problem.

07 Mar 2003 20:30 waveletboy

Brcket Match Problem
I used source navigator 4.5.2 before. The tool has a great function of bracket match. Double click on the one of a pair brackets, it can find another.

But when I upgraded to 5.1.2, the bracket match function was lost.

04 Jul 2002 12:51 momomoofthejungle

Re: Lookout, trouble ahead!
I am not sure what went wrong with Tong's build, but none of those problems should show up in a normal build. Since there is a new 5.1 release that uses Tcl/Tk 8.3, I suggest that he try that and see if it fixes the problem. There is no version conflict in the libs, the correct versions of all required packages are included in the download. The 5.1 release includes more helpful introductory documentation and there are also HTML based user/programmer docs that can be accessed here.

23 Jan 2002 14:04 datadictator

Re: Lookout, trouble ahead!
Why would you bother ?

snavigator was created by RedHat and I do believe
is used by them to create their distributions tools.

The point is that the RPM is included in Redhat 7.2
and available on the rpmfind website.

Redhat probably didn't bother with an install guide
because they didn't think anybody else would be
recompiling who wasn't enough of a coding wiz to
want to hack at an IDE's code first.

28 Aug 2001 15:53 steve9000

Excellent program for large libs.

Especially good for quick browsing through gtk+/gnome headers.


06 Nov 2000 12:37 tong

Lookout, trouble ahead!
The sNavigator really seems a great tool to me. So I download and try it. But ...

I found it is really bad documented. No installation guild. I have to guess what should I do and have to start all over several times.

Got the following error trying to compile the db library:

Undefined first referenced
symbol in file
Tcl_UtfToExternalDString libdbutils.a(dbutils.o)
Tcl_ExternalToUtfDString libdbutils.a(dbutils.o)
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to dbdump

Look them up in the scriptics web page and got an impression that the functions are only available for Tcl8.3. So I upgrade my Tcl to v8.3, problem gone. but...

Bumped into the fatal trouble when trying to compile the itcl library: Symbols Tcl_GetObjVar2 & Tcl_SetObjVar2 not found.

Lookup the scriptics web page again and found out that the above two functions no longer exist after tcl81.b2... :-(

So, sNavigator requires two controdictional tcl libraries. one is above ver 8.3 and the other is below v8.1b2. ... they should really do a better job before throwing it out...

PS. I'm looking at trying to find a solution to it...

Be warned and good luck.


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