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Sound Monitor

Sound Monitor is a GNOME panel applet that displays a vu meter, oscilliscope, or spectrum analyzer of the output of the esound daemon. The esound server information can be displayed, and the volume can be adjusted for active application streams and samples. An extra program, esdpvd, is included that will allow saving of stream volumes between sessions. Newer versions include a theme editor.


Recent releases

  •  15 Feb 2003 11:10

    Release Notes: The program was ported to GNOME 2. Some improvements and fixes were made to the theme editor, and the grey theme was corrected.

    •  05 May 2002 22:09

      Release Notes: This release has bugfixes and upgrades to the theme engine. The most notable fix is for a file descriptor leak when changing themes.

      •  25 Feb 2002 05:11

        Release Notes: The theme engine has been completely rewritten (it now uses the one in GQmpeg). A spectrum analyzer is now in place, nine new themes have been added, and a built in skin editor is available. Also notable is that the sound latency is now accounted for, if the default does not correctly adjust to match the sound card output, the timing can be adjusted in the advanced properties.

        •  09 Jun 1999 15:07

          Release Notes: Changes include optional drawing of scope with connected lines, the esd host can be specified (for monitoring esd from across a network), and sound input can now be monitored (not included by default, see the README).


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