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Soulfind is a free Soulseek server program, compatible with most current Unix clients (at least cursedsouls, PySlsk, Nicotine, and Museek). Most features have been implemented, including "Things I like/hate", but there's no distribution of the searches.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 May 2006 21:01

    Release Notes: This release compiles with DMD 0.155, and supports the new server-handled room and buddy searches. Several minor bugs have been fixed, as well as a more important one about privileges (giving some privileges to another user did not add to his existing privileges, but replaced them).

    •  19 Aug 2005 22:11

      Release Notes: A, usable with the Digitalmars make provided with DMD, is now included to make Soulfind easier to build under Windows (as well as some instructions in the doc/ directory).

      •  08 Jun 2005 18:37

        Release Notes: This version introduces case-insensitivity for usernames (turned off by default). It can be compiled under Windows without code modification (but needs an sqlite3 library to compile and a DLL to run). There is also support for reloading of the configuration at runtime, and various bugfixes/minor improvements.

        •  19 May 2005 21:00

          Release Notes: Passwords are not stored as plain text in the database anymore, but only as md5sums. The --daemon switch now allows Soulfind to fork into the background at startup, and man pages are provided for soulfind and soulsetup. Several bugs have been fixed, like the detection of homographs in usernames and room names, and admin commands crashing the server.

          •  03 May 2005 11:27

            Release Notes: This version offers full support of the recommendations and privileges systems and adds configuration options like the MOTD, server username (for administration), or output verbosity. Usernames can no longer use non-printing Unicode characters (to prevent username "stealing"), and it is now possible to ban users, either directly from the server or using the soulsetup utility.


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