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29 Dec 2004 02:14 hansjuergen

Mailing list server down?
I tried to read the archive on the suggested mailing list server, but couldn't connect to it.

29 Dec 2004 02:10 hansjuergen

Re: AAC support in somaplayer?
I forgot to mention that streaming AAC on the internet is free from royalty fees unlike MP3, see the FAQs on, the patent pool administrator for AAC.

29 Dec 2004 01:40 hansjuergen

AAC support in somaplayer?
How about adding the open source project FAAC to somaplayer? You can find more information on its Freshmeat project page. Recently Oddcast for Winamp/foobar2000 has implemented libfaac, so it's also possible to broadcast with the AAC LC profile (HE AAC not implemented yet) on Windows now. Icecast2 has also added AAC as a supported format a few days ago, the MIME type is audio/aac. and other radio stations are already using aacPlus with the commercial Orban Opticodec-PC software, and these Shoutcast streams can be decoded with the FAAD2 decoder, e.g. in LAMIP, VLC or foobar2000. A list of aacPlus stations is available at


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