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somaplayer is music player for MP3, Ogg, wav, audio CDs, MP3 streams, and Ogg streams. It is able to use the appropriate sound drivers or demons or to stream directly to an Icecast server (Icecast2 or SHOUTcast) or to encode in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. It also acts as a sound daemon that is able to accept connections from other somaplayers or any other sound player (xmms, mpg123, and others) thanks to a special wrapper.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Feb 2005 14:27

    Release Notes: Options for audio outputs were added in the graphical interface.

    •  22 Jan 2005 15:31

      Release Notes: This release adds a new icon and graphic interface, drag and drop support, and new options and functions.

      •  01 Nov 2004 18:37

        Release Notes: Now you can activate an admin interface (TCP / Unix) for somaplayer and control it with somaplayer_controller (or somaplayer_controller_g in graphic mode). There is a new configuration for microphone input and the open/save buttons for the icecast/icecast2/shoutcast/lame/ogg config. SdS runs in Unix or TCP mode, and there is a new algorithm for ouput synchronization.

        •  28 Oct 2004 14:09

          Release Notes: Mirnor bugfixes were made.

          •  16 Oct 2004 19:46

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            29 Dec 2004 02:14 hansjuergen

            Mailing list server down?
            I tried to read the archive on the suggested mailing list server, but couldn't connect to it.

            29 Dec 2004 02:10 hansjuergen

            Re: AAC support in somaplayer?
            I forgot to mention that streaming AAC on the internet is free from royalty fees unlike MP3, see the FAQs on, the patent pool administrator for AAC.

            29 Dec 2004 01:40 hansjuergen

            AAC support in somaplayer?
            How about adding the open source project FAAC to somaplayer? You can find more information on its Freshmeat project page. Recently Oddcast for Winamp/foobar2000 has implemented libfaac, so it's also possible to broadcast with the AAC LC profile (HE AAC not implemented yet) on Windows now. Icecast2 has also added AAC as a supported format a few days ago, the MIME type is audio/aac. and other radio stations are already using aacPlus with the commercial Orban Opticodec-PC software, and these Shoutcast streams can be decoded with the FAAD2 decoder, e.g. in LAMIP, VLC or foobar2000. A list of aacPlus stations is available at


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