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GNU Solfege

Solfege is an ear training program that can be used to train your rhythm, interval, scale, and chord skills.

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Recent releases

  •  17 Sep 2013 21:16

    Release Notes: This release has support for intervals up to double octaves, and adds the exercise modules toneincontext and solmisation. The lesson file language adds two statements: import and rimport. There are many minor tweaks and bugfixes.

    •  19 Jun 2011 11:55

      Release Notes: This is a stable release with new rhythm dictation exercises, improved music displayer code, and a sound module that works with the ALSA sequencer. Also, lots of minor bugfixes and improvements were made.

      •  28 Nov 2010 11:16

        Release Notes: The 3.19 development branch adds a rhythm editor widget that is used in the new rhythm dictation exercises. It also adds support for the ALSA sequencer, and a nice tool that downloads and compiles the required Python modules if you don't have them installed.

        •  28 Oct 2010 10:19

          Release Notes: The 3.18 branch adds a profile manager similar to Firefox. The preferences have a GUI to delete statistics, and the statistics page will show the 10 latest tests. Various bugs were fixed, including a really important one to the sound code both on Linux and MS Windows that allows connection of external MIDI keyboards.

          •  17 May 2010 19:35

            Release Notes: This release adds 'atonal' transposition mode. It has more harmonic progressions. It has a "Compare melodic intervals" exercise. Statistics are now stored in an SQLite database instead of many small files. It adds a new main window where you select exercises without the menu bar, as well as an editor. It supports LilyPond 2.12 in addition to 2.10.


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