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20 Jun 2003 15:07 FilippoRusconi

Excellent scalar vector graphics software
I've been using Sodipodi since a number of versions and I must say it is becoming really usable. Further, it generates excellent png files and ps files out of rather complex gradient fills and alpha channel-transparent images.

Remarkable work indeed ! I use it for all my graphing needs in the project !

Thanks alot,


26 Mar 2003 16:04 slarty2

Excellent tool.
Very nice. Quick and powerful. Apart from one crash, seems ok. I may use this to create graphics for games. Complements GIMP well.

29 Nov 2002 08:34 pstrader

This program is Great
I've been using this for about 4 versions now, and
it just keeps getting better. If you need a
vector drawing program that handles fonts and
transparency well, grab this one.
Well Done!


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