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SOAP UDDI is a reference implementation of the UDDI specification. With this UDDI Registry, Web services developers can publish and test their applications in a secure, private environment for their own applications. UDDI Registry supports multiple users in various department- or company- wide scenarios. It also supports the 20 SOAP- based APIs defined by version one of the UDDI specifications, and it provides persistence for published entities through a relational database. A GUI client application is included that supports publishing and querying of businesses, services, and other UDDI-compliant entities without programming.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Dec 2001 20:28

    Release Notes: This release has correct handling of the xml:lang attribute in the description (the database was redesigned for this), correct handling of config files, replication functionality (strictly alpha), and some JSP pages to browse the repository. The operator name goes into a config file.

    •  23 Nov 2001 18:00

      Release Notes: This package allows you to authorize (i.e., set up allow/deny permissions) SOAP clients for your Web services on per-service or per-method basis. The control is based on either XML Signatures (dependant on external XML Signature library) or user/password based which has to come embedded in the HTTP header. While the actual job of authentication and authorization is still handled by mod_auth (or your favorite Apache authentication module), this layer adds intelligence to do this at SOAP service and method level instead of at the URL level.

      •  11 Sep 2001 06:45

        Release Notes: Backend database support for MS-SQL Server and Sybase added.

        Recent comments

        16 Oct 2003 06:05 aeronautic

        interoperating problem
        I build my private UBR based soapuddi, and use UDDI4J and Microsoft UDDI SDK to test my private UBR. UDDI4J can successfully interact with my UBR. Microsoft UDDI SDK2.0 can send request soap message and get the response soap message sucessfully, but when it parse the response soap message and make use it , there is a null exception.

        Maybe, that was caused by different implementaion of soap specification.


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