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Snow Path Formation Simulator

Snow Path Formation Simulator is a program that models the process of people forming very distinct, and yet not always altogether logical looking, paths in the snow as they walk across open spaces. The evolving condition of the snow is displayed graphically. This project may eventually mature into a screensaver.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Jul 2004 20:47

    Release Notes: A file dumping bug was fixed. The "-cycles" option now recognizes 0 to mean "unlimited".

    •  25 Mar 2004 05:06

      Release Notes: The "-width" and "-height" options have been replaced with "-cellsize" to make it more like a screensaver. An RPM is now available.

      •  29 Mar 2003 05:19

        Release Notes: This release features a dramatically improved path choosing algorithm and an improved install process. An XML file was added for use in Xscreensaver. Xscreensaver support can be added automatically with "make xscreensaver". It now compiles with GCC 3.2 and includes many other small fixes and additions.

        •  31 Jul 2002 20:14

          Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes, improved error reporting and documentation, increased portability, small algorithmic changes, and better efficiency. It adds a number of minor features, including automatic display refreshing, forbidden areas, and the ability to save the current map state. It handles a wider variety of color images, and will accept greyscale and black and white files as well.

          •  22 Jan 2002 03:07

            Release Notes: Various speed improvements (including that it runs as one program instead of two talking to each other), some more neat examples, ability to just about any standard image type as input, a new -rainbow option along with various minor features, FreeBSD support (and probably various other systems as well), and various minor bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            24 Jul 2004 17:31 quadong

            Re: Other uses?

            Sure. :-)

            To simulate forming dirt paths in grass, set -impact to about .9999 and maybe set -lengthweight higher, since the difficulty of walking through grass is generally lower than that of walking through snow. And set -cycles to something very high or 0 (unlimited), cause otherwise you'll never see a difference.

            snowpath -impact .9999 -cycles 0 -lengthweight 200

            And if you're really hardcore, modify the source so that it fades from green to brown instead of white to black.

            24 Jul 2004 14:20 pytt_l

            Other uses?
            Does it work for grass too? :)


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