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20 Dec 2000 23:40 ellyhiggin

Re: Great!
A user can get around the logging by creating a shared library that wraps the calls to syslog() and openlog() to do something useless, then preload that library and spawn a new shell.

Wouldn't BSD process accouting be more suitable to do this sort of logging.

01 Aug 2000 22:33 gtk

I have been looking for something like this. I have seen some other solutions that involve stuff like patching the shell and this seems to be a much better general solution.

Is there no way for ordinary users to circumvent the logging?

01 Aug 2000 09:44 mariusae

Snoopy Logger
There was a small bug in the installation script that caused incompatibility with bash 1.x. This is fixed in the version that is linked here now.
Thanks to for notifying us of this incompatibility.


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