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16 Jun 2009 18:07 benjamin83

Hi Jerremy,

ok the subject may be out of date, but I tried to reach a developer from the snes9x team using every email on the page. All I got was the mail-delivery-shit. So here's what I wanted to tell:


my name is Benjamin and I'm a student from Germany. Together with another student I developed a program, that makes it possible to use the iphone as a remote control for computer programs ( It's free available in the App Store. The computer program needs to implement the defined protocol. Your SNES emulator is a very nice thing and I think it would be great if we work together and make both technologies compatible. Imagine all the people who have an iPhone or iPod Touch and like to play SNES games on the Mac but don't want to buy an additional controller.

We have a server programmed with Objective-C and Cocoa for Mac OS X 10.5 which is used as a gateway between the iPhone and Flash apps. The code from the server could be easily integrated in your emulator. Multi-player support included! What do you think?

Ok, emus may be illegal, but our project is open, so we couldn't stop someone from using it anyway ;)

Best regards,

28 Aug 2003 18:10 fredlwm

New versions

New versions seem to be only available from (

BTW, to compile 1.41-1 you may have to remove -pedantic. Here it failed with GCC 3.3.1 for c4.cpp with "error: ISO C++ forbids omitting the middle term of a ?: expression".

22 Apr 2003 10:56 pccsp

Re: site is down! :(
Better yet, find it at
There are several versions of it, I downloaded the 1.39 of suse 8 for my redhat 8 (rh version is older) and I run it with the snes9express frontend and works well.

22 Apr 2003 10:31 pccsp

Re: site is down! :(
Yoy can download the emulator looking for it at

06 Jun 1999 20:24 josemazzone site is back online :)
Snes9x.COM ( has been relocated to another host... So its back again :)

Current source version (.zip) is 1.19a. (
Current binary libc6 version (.tar.gz) is 1.19 (
Current binary libc5 version (.tar.gz) is 1.18d (

23 May 1999 21:03 josemazzone site is down! :(
If anyone knows of alternate places for getting the emulator (ie. outside USA) please tell us. Here is the e-mail sent by snes9x developer:

From: "Jerremy Koot"
To: ,
Subject: Snes9x.COM has been taken offline by Nintendo !
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 22:25:56 +0200

I just wanted to let everybody know what has happend to Snes9X.COM.
According to my host they have shutdown the site because it has illegal
content, after contacting my host, they have answered that they have taken
offline my site because they have gotten an email from nintendo stating
that emulators are illegal. They are not allowing me access to the site,
so until a new host is found, the site is offline ! What Nintendo has mailed
to my host is unknown.

The only thing I know is that Nintendo was referring to the following page:

Where they clearly state that their policy is that emulators are illegal, and thus Snes9x is illegal. They probably won't sue me directly since I live in The Netherlands and chances are that they would never be able to win the case !

I will keep you informed of the situation of Snes9x,

Jerremy Koot


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