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The Hunting of the Snark Project

The Hunting of the Snark Project contains a client for downloading and sharing files distributed with the BitTorrent protocol. It is mainly used for exploring the BitTorrent protocol and experimenting with the GNU Compiler for Java (gcj), but it can also be used as a regular BitTorrent client. Snark can also act as a torrent creator, a tiny HTTP server for delivering metainfo.torrent files, and has an integrated tracker for making the sharing of files as easy as possible. When you use the --share option, Snark will automatically create a .torrent file and start a very simple Web server to distribute the metainfo.torrent file and a local tracker that other BitTorrent clients can connect to.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Jun 2003 17:22

    Release Notes: This release adds storage, coordinator, and shutdown listeners, an experimental Gnome frontend, 'info' and 'list' commands, and a --no-commands flag for running in the background. Reloading of BAD pieces has been fixed. Metainfo piece hash generation for --share has been fixed.

    •  02 Jun 2003 00:48

      Release Notes: This release has the beginnings of a command shell (text UI), implements a clean shutdown, fixes deadlocks, keeps the interested state up to date, generates and handles cancel messages, has configurable debug log levels, and has small (but important) protocol fixes. Upgrading from older versions is highly recommended.

      •  10 May 2003 20:34

        Release Notes: A nasty bug which often disconnected clients behind a NAT gateway was fixed. A couple of suggestions made by Bram Cohen were implemented to make Snark more conformant to the BitTorrent protocol. This makes the upload and download sharing speeds much faster and reliable. It also eliminates most of the "got unrequested piece" warning messages. The tracker, torrent, and Web server code have not been changed much, and this release does not contain new features.


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