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SMTP map

SMTP map uses a fingerprinting technology to scan for the version of whatever SMTP server software which is running on a machine.


Recent releases

  •  17 Apr 2003 01:14

    Release Notes: Many bugfixes in the POP3 scanner and some slight bugfixes in the other scanners were made. Some parts of the scanners were rebuilt so that simple scanner preventions are now blocked. The results should also be more accurate now, since the resulting fingerprints should be more generic. Be careful if you have used smtpmap in scripts; some commandline options have changed.

    •  26 Feb 2003 02:08

      Release Notes: The scanner structure was partly rebuilt so that scans are more reliable. POP3 scanning is working now, although good fingerprints are still missing. FTP scans where improved, as well as SMTP scans, so that some variable data will be left out when generating fingerprints.

      •  06 Dec 2002 13:00

        Release Notes: This release adds some bugfixes and internal preparation for more protocols like POP3 and IMAP4.

        •  06 Nov 2002 20:12

          Release Notes: Several segfaults and lockups in some conditions have been fixed. FTP fingerprinting should work well now, but more fingerprints (as well as those for SMTP) are needed.

          •  05 Nov 2002 19:21

            Release Notes: This is the first stable release that can be recommended for the end user. It has improved scanning and fingerprints for more servers.


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