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SMSTerm is an application that uses the ICQ2000 protocol to present you a shell on your mobile phone which allows you to interact with your computer from any mobile on a GSM network. It runs a shell on a pty, and allows you to directly send commands to the shell through SMS. Minimal authentication is done over SMS before spawning a shell and offering it to the user on the mobile phone. It is very useful for remote administration tasks, or checking out the status of the network, or just to run some small chores on your system while you are away. It uses in the background. SMSTerm also includes a script to send SMS through the ICQ network from the command line to any GSM mobile, and also includes a PHP script to set up a Web->SMS gateway.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Dec 2002 00:29

    Release Notes: SMSTerm was rendered unusable because of the shift to module in version 0.6. the module had a bug while receiving SMS messages. It has been replaced by the new version of The delay time has been modified to accomodate ICQ's RATE_LIMITs.

    •  21 Oct 2002 07:42

      Release Notes: This version fixes receipt bugs introduced in 0.5, implements reconnect on disconnection, and you can now send SMS directly as an argument on the command line through icqsms-send. Reading through STDIN and reading on the command line are now both supported, a PHP script has now been included to allow sending an SMS from a Webpage, both HTTPS and SOCKS 5 proxies are now supported, and there was some minor code restructuring.

      •  05 Aug 2002 23:38

        Release Notes: This release comes with a small daemon which can be used to send SMSes from the commandline or any scripts, again through ICQ. The daemon is there for allowing multiple instances of to be started with only one ICQ connection active. The Initialisation SMS is sent to a pre-determined mobile phone since ICQ no longer has a standard GSM number allocated to a particular ICQ UIN. All further communication has to be done only by replying to the number received in the Initialisation SMS from SMSTerm.

        •  11 Jan 2002 17:10

          Release Notes: Some minor fixes relating to the errors made by ICQ while sending the SMS receipt have been handled. The Message-ID field in the SMS receipt has been found to be munged by ICQ. This version fixes this in the main script as well as the script.

          •  09 Jan 2002 13:23

            Release Notes: A script to send SMS from the commandline through the ICQ network was added. It uses the same SMSTerm.conf file for configuration.

            Recent comments

            10 Oct 2002 04:32 c0nd0r

            SMSTerm 0.5 version have bug
            SMSTerm 0.5 version have bug when send sms to unsoported networks, smstermd stop work.
            When try to send another sms to supported network smstermd do not send it, need restart smstermd.


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