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sml/nj (Standard ML of New Jersey) consists of a compiler, compilation manager, and libraries for Standard ML. Included are CML (Concurrent ML) and eXene (a toolkit for X based on CML). The compiler produces efficient code for most popular architectures (Intel x86, Sparc, Alpha, Mips, HP-PA, PowerPC) and runs under Unix, Linux, or Windows (95,98,NT).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 May 2008 06:19

    Release Notes: A type error in the ml-lpt library when compiled as a 64-bit library was fixed. Bugs in the Reactive library were fixed. Support Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) on both Intel and PPC Macs was fixed. Many fixes were made to the AMD64 code generator in MLRISC. Performance bugs when dealing with very large structures and record values were fixed. A bug in the handling of end of stream in stream IO was fixed. Real.signBit(~0.0) now returns true.

    •  08 Jun 2007 08:43

      Release Notes: This release fixes some important bugs in the new ml-ulex tool which also affected ckit and the foreign-function interface generator (mlnlffigen).

      •  01 Jun 2007 20:52

        Release Notes: This release has greatly improved new language processing tools (ml-ulex and ml-antlr), a major overhaul of the FLINT subsystem, and many bugfixes.

        •  03 Feb 2007 15:05

          Release Notes: This release improves the libraries, the language processing tools (ml-ulex, ml-antlr), the compilation manager, and the installation procedure.

          •  10 Nov 2006 18:41

            Release Notes: Two new program generator tools (ml-ulex and ml-antlr). AMD-64 support in MLRISC. Bugfixes.


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