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Stage Manager's Helper

SMHelper provides Web-based tools to speed up the process of keeping paperwork for each show. Features include a Daily Report generator and viewer, and other commonly-used forms.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2003 07:10

    Release Notes: This version adds actual_sections.php for defining page numbers for Acts/Scenes/Dance Numbers, fixes up french_scener.php to actually display entered numbers, and includes various cosmetic fixes such as unified title blocks.

    •  09 Apr 2003 21:14

      Release Notes: Buttons on a few pages which were missing in the last release have been added. The French Scene Maker has been activated so that it actually saves data that is entered. Some instruction text on the Props List and French Scene Maker has been fixed. Conversion has begun towards separating duplicate code out into functions. See propslist.php and french_scener.php for comments on which code will eventually be moved.

      •  30 Jan 2003 06:22

        Release Notes: In this version, an option has been added to daily_report.php to file up to two days in the past. Times are now displayed in the report_viewer, if present. show_changer.php, a script to change the show one is working on, has been added, and edit functionality now works in the props list manager.

        •  17 Jan 2003 03:34

          Release Notes: Deleting and adding files in the Props List manager are both now possible. Old, single-page setup code for the Daily report generator is gone, in preparation for generalized, package-wide setup code. A collater and summarizer has been added, and is completely functional at present.

          •  04 Jan 2003 07:33

            Release Notes: daily_report.php was updated to include rehearsal and break times, and the title, author, and director are now displayed in report_viewer.php. Propslist.php now works, and adding props is complete. Preliminary code was added for editing and deleting props.


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