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smbfax is a Unix server which allows you to print via Samba from a Windows client to a hylafax-controlled faxmodem on your server without any additional Win32 software for the client. It's as easy as File->Print from an application, choose the network fax printer, then check your email's INBOX. You can also view and delete jobs via the standard Windows methods.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Oct 2003 18:03

    Release Notes: The HTTP portion now runs with taint checking. Some debugging code that was enabled by mistake in 1.4 has been disabled. A new configuration option allows an admin to pick which field from getpwnam() to use for the username.

    •  07 Jun 2001 22:15

      Release Notes: This release fixes a problem that some versions of Windows 2000 caused. Windows 2000 prints multiple copies of a file for some reason, and they are all almost empty, invalid documents. Smbfax will now skip over any document which is less than 100 bytes -- while this isn't an optimal solution, it works for now until this issue is fixed in Samba.

      •  02 May 2001 22:05

        Release Notes: Fixes to work with Perl 5.6.1, and the C wrapper is the recommended manner of using smbfax (it seems to work across multiple installations of Perl and fixes some strange problems).

        •  30 Mar 2001 06:03

          Release Notes: A fix for a situation in which a users can send faxes without having an account on the mailing server (appended e-mail address), fixes for filters to be more liberal in the characters they accept, updated documentation, more comments in the code, and support for SMTP so that the mailx program is no longer needed/used.

          •  11 Aug 2000 20:34

            Release Notes: A bug was fixed to clean temporary filenames for URL correctness. Commas in phone numbers have been disabled until Hylafax is able to deal with them. The documentation was updated.


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