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SmartMines is a minesweeper game for Mac OS X (Tiger and above) with a few features that make it stand out when compared with many other minesweeper games. For instance, it features "smart clicks" that make it easy to both mark and uncover with single button mice. Also the minefield window is resizable, so actually hitting the square you want will not be the greatest challenge.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Sep 2007 00:55

    Release Notes: A new keyboard mode makes the game quite playable even without a mouse, and some minor bugfixes.

    •  25 Apr 2007 10:08

      Release Notes: An option called "Safer Uncover" was added. Turning this off allows for slightly quicker gameplay, but also makes it easier to click the wrong square. It's now possible to pause the game, either from the file menu or by miniaturizing the window. Some minor fixes and changes were made.

      •  07 Apr 2007 02:02

        Release Notes: Squares with 6 mines next to it will no longer display the number 7 and vice-versa.

        •  06 Apr 2007 15:59

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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