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Secure Locate

Secure locate provides a secure way to index and quickly search for all files on your system. GNU locate normally indexes files with the 'nobody' user so that only files accessible to everyone are indexed. Secure Locate indexes with the 'root' user and checks the permissions and ownership of matched files to prevent users from seeing files they do not have access to.


Recent releases

  •  08 Mar 2006 09:50

    Release Notes: The list of user defined database paths were not being parsed correctly and has been fixed.

    •  13 Jan 2006 04:51

      Release Notes: The program was completely rewritten to improve the internal design and increase its quality.

      •  09 Feb 2003 12:03

        Release Notes: In this version, a segfault when a regular expression error occured was fixed, as was the --regexp= option. A minor patch was added to the Debian version of slocate. The printf-is-a-macro issue (under gcc 3.0) was fixed, as was a segfault that occurred when -r regex was used with an extra search string.

        •  22 May 2001 07:17

          Release Notes: Fixed some segfaults that occured with random data to -d, -o,and -r options. Added a patch to make it work on Solaris. Added more path permission checking so that even if a file is readable in a directory that is not readable, slocate will not disclose the file to the user.

          •  05 Jan 2001 23:33

            Release Notes: The heap corruption bug is now really fixed, as well as a bug that caused slocate to segfault when path lengths are too large. A lot of error checking (ie, all mallocs, fchdir, etc) has been added. Autoconf is now used.

            Recent comments

            15 Feb 2005 07:59 ame

            slocate - improvement suggestion
            Hi everybody involved,

            thanks, I like this powerful tool!

            Let me add an idea which could make it even more attractive: a command-line-switch to

            activate indexing of files within .tgz/.zip/.. zipped archives ...?

            Does the web-URL mentioned in the man-page really exist..?

            best regards


            05 Jan 2002 18:26 phyberop

            excellent :)
            nice project.... and thanks to the other guys who replied, so I could find it as "slocate" ;)

            26 Jan 2001 19:08 tarvin

            'slocate' doesn't match this appindex record :-(
            I think that Freshmeat should add an option like "Alternative name" for the records. That way, a software entry like Secure Locate could easily be found, even if people (like me) search for "slocate"

            13 Mar 2000 17:10 progress

            When I did a search for slocate I couldn't find this application. But, by putting this comment in, the next time someone looks for slocate they'll find it here as Secure Locate


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