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SLmon is a tool for monitoring a system's performance. It displays results using a nice and easily readable text-based UI. It has the ability to monitor CPU load (SMP is supported), memory/filesystems usage, network interfaces, uptime, date and time, and the number of logged in users.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Mar 2003 15:52

    Release Notes: Configure fixes were made, and the program should now compile cleanly on systems without GNOME. inet_ntoa() is now used when inet_ntop() is unavailable. Documentation updates were made.

    •  05 Jul 2002 20:01

      Release Notes: The detection of LibGTop2 has been fixed, and there are some code cleanups.

      •  04 Jul 2002 13:55

        Release Notes: Experimental display of network transmission speed per second was added. A small display bug was fixed.

        •  01 Apr 2002 19:20

          Release Notes: This release has a configurable update time, scrolling in network mode, fixes for gnome-terminal transparency problems, and fixes in

          •  29 Nov 2001 15:39

            Release Notes: The help screen was updated. Only interfaces which are up are now displayed. Flags information about interfaces was added.

            Recent comments

            25 Feb 2004 14:16 phillippp

            I was wonderering when there will be a new version that will compille on newer unix versions


            19 Apr 2000 03:18 dombal

            'bout SLmon.
            Just one word [maybe 3 :P]: Thiz Prog Rulez!.

            Every update is a small step to perfection.


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