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04 Sep 2005 19:37 countbrass

This replaces knoppix for me
This looks fantastic, and have placed this on my regularly spywared, virus infected computer illiterate in-laws network as a Windows replacement.

However, I would like to mod the iso in such a way as to make requisite changes to X, and set an autoboot to X.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the hard work Tomas, I am your newest fan.

26 May 2004 15:23 mimithebrain


my rating 10/10

tryed it, love it!

It is easy to use, and very convinient.

you are prompt advanced or normal booting

then It loads

ask you for login/password, which is provided

you write gui then BOOM

instant linux!


Mandrake 9.2 scraps LG cd-rom

I now live in fear that slax would too :X

the author reassured me by saying, "not that I know"

I'm not so sure, somebody give me a better assurance

that it's only mandrake... please...


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