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slap prints text labels on Seiko Instruments' range of Smart Label Printers (all models). It is distributed with several bitmap fonts in several sizes. Also provided are printer-interface scripts for the common UNIX print-spoolers. slap is available for all UNIX and POSIX.1 systems.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Feb 2001 12:06

    Release Notes: The printer models SLP-100, SLP-200, and SLP-240 are now supported. Bullet-proof autodetection of printer model has been implemented. Support for AIX 4.x and other older platforms has been enhanced. Minor bugfixes.

    •  11 Apr 2000 01:22

      Release Notes: Bugfixes, more label types, and allowing of barcode fonts.

      •  19 Sep 1999 21:30

        Release Notes: Now builds "out of the box" on newer Linuxes (based on kernel 2.2.x).

        •  14 May 1999 15:46

          Release Notes: Updated configure script to handle Irix, added SVR3 printer-interface script and updated installation guide to include the SVR3 spooler, corrected typo in the SVR4 printer-interface script, and changed use of PATH_MAX into dynamic use of pathconf(), for improved portability.

          •  01 Feb 1999 04:24

            Release Notes: Fixes to the Configure script, changes to serial port option handling


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