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S-Lang is a powerful interpreted language that may be embedded into an application to make it extensible. Examples of applications that take advantage of the interpreter include jed, slrn, and mutt.


Recent releases

  •  29 Dec 2007 21:01

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  06 Jul 2003 04:42

      Release Notes: Many bugfixes and new features have been added.

      •  27 Feb 2003 00:08

        Release Notes: Many small bugfixes have been applied since 1.4.5.

        •  03 May 2002 10:02

          Release Notes: Various bugfixes, cleanups, and additions.

          •  24 Feb 2001 20:52

            Release Notes: A fix for a bug that shows up on 64-bit big-endian machines, a fix for a potential problem in pre-parsing binary strings, and a bugfix affecting only pure termcap-based systems.

            Recent comments

            22 Feb 2000 08:15 barsnick

            1.4.0 is not from the dev branch, it's stable!
            Although 1.4.0 is listed in the dev branch (and 1.2.2 still in the stable branch) here on freshmeat, it is stable, at least according to the announcement on Usenet (Message-ID:, or see message: "v1.4.0 of the slang programmer's library released" ([LBURL=_LBHTfreshmeat.net_LBFS,]/threadmsg_ct.xp?AN=570512095)) . I admit, I couldn't find that declaration in the source package. ;-)

            (Hey, does add-comment.php3 also clobber your MSG-ID brackets?)


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