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Embedded Slackware

slakbootEBS is a software development kit for the automated creation of bootable embedded systems based on Slackware and Busybox. The focus is on i486 and ARM systems that use compact flash devices (handhelds and PC104 type boards). The distribution consists of a primary archive with tools, scripts, and documentation, and additional archives for the i486 and PXA250 binary components.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Aug 2009 01:51

    Release Notes: The package contains files and tools for automatic creation of embedded filesystems, tailored for the easy creation of 32MB to 1024MB+ bootable flash devices. It includes many utilities, and supports pc104 (S)VGA boards and serial boards. The full distribution includes 17 archives for easy download (base tools + 4 additional archives for each supported architecture (i486/pxa255) and uClibc based architectures). Minimally, the base and i486a or pxa255a archives are required. The b, c, and d archives are highly recommended.

    •  24 Sep 2008 08:38

      Release Notes: BusyBox was upgraded to version 1.11.0. The boot scripts were upgraded. The new makeCF -u option allows the inclusion of the uClibc libraries without also automatically switching to BusyBox binaries. The Linux 2.6 kernel was upgraded to 2.6.24 and the 2.4 kernel was upgraded to 2.4.36. The alternate libc libraries were upgraded to 2.7. Wine was upgraded to xfce 4.2 was added as an alternate desktop to the default wmx window manager. Additionally, support was included for 2 LCD handheld screens, pixil 1.23 or opie 1.20. Dosemu was upgraded to 1.4.0. The minimum filesystem that can be produced is now about 25MB; the maximum is over 1GB.

      •  31 Mar 2007 20:08

        Release Notes: This update includes 2.4.34 and 2.6.20 embedded kernels. 44 easy-to-use burn scripts and runtime configurations are available. The distribution archive is an i486 working subset of the full distribution. The complete SDK consists of 5 base archives each for i486, uclibc_i486, pxa255, and uclibc_pxa255 architectures. Additional archives are also available for gcc, Wine, and Opie/Pixil LCD desktops.

        •  24 Oct 2006 05:19

          Release Notes: This update includes 2.4.33 and 2.6.18 embedded kernels with built-in framebuffer graphics support. The 2.6 kernel now has preemption enabled. Some missing linker files in the i486 gcc tools were fixed. Fast turn-around is supported with 28 easy-to-use burn scripts for various popular flash configurations.

          •  04 Sep 2006 22:35

            Release Notes: Update includes 2.4.33 and embedded kernels with built-in framebuffer graphics support. The kernel now has preemption enabled. This release fixes a missing linker file in the i486 gcc tools. The SDK provides fast turn-around with 23 easy burn scripts for various configurations. The distribution archive is an i486 working subset of the full distribution that consists of (4 each) i486, uclibc_i486, Arm pxa250, and Arm uclibc_pxa250 archive sets. To complete the full i486 SDK, you might also be interested in the i486 b, c, and d archives available on the site.


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