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Skopje is a collection of small utility classes that each provide a piece of functionality based on Perl. Rather than trying to make Java code look more Perl-ish, it focuses on elements like "join" that would be useful, but are not present in the JDK. Its mechanics and syntax try to follow the "Java way" as closely as possible.


Recent releases

  •  31 Jul 2004 19:29

    Release Notes: Some small documentation changes were made. A potential NullPointerException error in the Chomp class was fixed. Chomp now behaves just like Perl's chomp for null or zero-length record-separators. Lastly, an optimization change was made to the Join class.

    •  22 Jul 2004 04:14

      Release Notes: chomp, chop, join, map, grep, lcfirst, and ucfirst were implemented.


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      Project Spotlight

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